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12 - 2017

Last but not least a very nice review

"The European Secret Salon" in the Old Hospital … From Detroit to Viechtach

A trail of empty Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans line the staircase leading up to the Super Position gallery, where Gabi Blum and Anna McCarthy have set up their installation 'The European Secret Salon'. They have been invited by the artists Aylin Neuhofer and Katrin Savvuldi, who have equally been leaving their artistic traces in Viechtach over the past year.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is the beer of the American working class, the blue-collar workers, who made Detroit what it once was. Today, Motor City is one of the poorest cities in the USA – deteriorating houses and a lot of abandonment. Even a lot of bus routes ceased running. In this city, or better said in Hamtramck, McCarthy and Blum spent their one-month artist residency.'Artist in residence" programmes allow artists of different disciplines to work, without necessarily having to invest own financial means, outside of their cultural circle or usual place of residence. The work they produced at Popp's Packing, a former meat-packing plant then cookie factory, is now on show in Viechtach.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving they have installed a big banquet with quiche, muffins, beetroot and dinosaurs. A TV screen flickers, depicting impressions from Detroit. The desolation has become a kind of post-apocalyptic utopia. "We were surprised to see so much green and nature," the two artists say.

The people have created their own spaces and the gaps that the city have left behind, are beginning to be filled. "The streets, which are like in most American cities built predominantly for cars, are now being used by more and more people on bike, because otherwise they would maybe not make it to work." say Blum and McCarthy.
They too rode on bikes throughout Detroit and gathered impressions. When they came to Viechtach, some things reminded them of Detroit, such as the left-behind wasteland in the city centre, At the residency, they had chickens and a turkey called Lola and the installation in Viechtach is meant to also be understood as a homage to the so-called "transvestite turkey", who sadly died during their stay. Neuhofer and Savvuldi dressed up in feather costumes, as a kind of "reincarnation of Lola" for the opening evening.

The installation itself is full of audio excerpts, paintings, drawings and objects which Blum and McCarthy subversively and lovingly use to look back at their time in Detroit.

At 8pm there was also a premiere in the chapel of the old hospital: Aylin Neuhofer and Katrin Savvuldi presented their NEW11 music video and song, which was filmed in October. It is supposed to be a taste of more to come.
In addition, both artists are currently setting up an Artists-in-Residence program, which will allow for artists to work and live in the Bavarian Forest. The ex-Schießl house in Kolllnburg is currently being renovated and will be finished by next year. "The shingles have now been installed," says Savvuldi.

(Translated by the great Anna McCarthy)

11 - 2017


Wed Nov 15 Opening OBJEKTPERMANENZ with Sophia Süßmilch & Funda Gül Özcan at Galerie Aa Collections Vienna
Thu Nov 23 (Thanksgiving) Opening EUROPEAN SECRET SALON in Viechtach at Super Position with Anna McCarthy


I did this video for The $ound of Mone¥

10 - 2017

Residency at Popps Packing in Detroit / Hamtramck with Anna McCarthy

E U R O P E A N S E C R E T S A L O N Wednesday October 25th 6 - 9pm

O P E N S T U D I O / H N A F Festival October 14th 3 - 8pm

09 - 2017

Summer is over and this is u p c o m i n g

O C T Residency at Popps Packing in Detroit
N O V Exhibition at Aa Collections with Funda Gül Özcan & Sophia Süßmilch

08 - 2017

Läuft noch den ganzen August: Die ERSTE AUSSTELLUNG im KUNST BLOCK BALVE
mit Arbeiten von Gabi Blum, Daniel Bräg, Manuel Eitner, Florian Froese-Peeck, Klaus von Gaffron,
Lisa Geller, Michael Hofstetter, Nico Kiese, Christian Leitna, Dieter Rehm

Friedrich-von-Pauli-Straße 21

07 - 2017


Eröffnung: Freitag, 07.07.2017 / Ausstellung von 18 - 22 Uhr
Aftershow mit Meet-and-Greet & Drinks ab 22 Uhr - Open end
Friedrich-von-Pauli-Straße 21

06 - 2017


Offene Otto-Steidle-Ateliers
am Samstag, 1. Juli 2017 | 12 bis 22 Uhr
und nur an diesem Samstag
16 Uhr: Führung mit Désirée Düdder

1 Melanie Siegel
2 Hammann von Mier
3 Gabi Blum
4 Thomas Splett
5 Anja Buchheister
6 Julia Pfaller
7 Alina Grasmann | Lara Eckert
8 Kitti & Joy
9 Stefanie Hofer
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05 - 2017

Jubiläumstour mit Kunstvehikel – 30 Jahre Artothek

startet am 23. Juni zum Sommerfest im Innenhof der Artothek.

Samstag, 8. Juli KULTURZENTRUM GIESINGER BAHNHOF mit Louisa Abdelkader und abends Sound von Anton Kaun
Samstag, 15. Juli MARKT AM ELISABETHPLATZ mit Stefan Wischnewski & Max Weisthoff
Freitag, 21. Juli PLATZ VOR DEM KULTURZENTRUM 2411 mit Ute Heim und abends Ute Heim und ihr Prärieorchester

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04 - 2017

Küchenstück vom 5.-9.4.2017 in der Ausstellung FREHOESTORN in der Galerie Foe 156 zu sehen.

03 - 2017

Part of installation and performance NY TEA TIME WORK IN PROGRESS (same procedure as ever ff.)

02 - 2017

Neue Räume

Januar & Februar 2017
Arbeit und Installationsaufbau im Gastatelier der Platform München
Öffentliche Begehung: Samstag 11.3. 17-20 Uhr

01 - 2017

Dates Dates Dates

NEUE RÄUME Installationsaufbau im Gastatelier der Platform im Januar und Februar
PERFORMANCE in der Nir Altman Galerie am 19. Februar
ARTOTHEK JUBILÄUM ab 23. Juni mit Kunstvehikel by Gabi Blum
VIENNA ART WEEK at Galerie Aa collections Wien mit Funda und Sophia Süßmilch im November

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